At Superior Waterproofing, we do interior waterproofing using a combination of methods, but most always, it involves drain tile, wall liners, and a sump pump. The water that was formerly pressurized behind the walls and under the floor now has an outlet. Think of your basement as a cardiovascular system in reverse. Rather than the heart (sump pump) pumping blood (water) to the veins (drain tile), it sucks it away, de-pressurizing your foundation in the Baseboardprocess.





Wall liners allow you to clean up the wall, prep it for finishing the basement, and many other things, while allowing it to breathe on a microscopic level. This is healthier for the wall, and solves all of the vapor-locking, efflorescence, and leaking concerns all at once. Some people think that putting a liner on the wall covers the problem up, rather than fixes it. However, they tell themselves that painting it with a sealer doesn’t do that very same thing. We never install a wall liner without a drain tile below it, the chances of a pressurized wall leak are virtually nil. The liners are simply a fail-safe. Nobody uses the overflow on their bathtubs as a means to drain them, do they? Yet, they are there for a reason. The same theory applies to wall liners. Oh, and didn’t we mention – say goodbye to the maintenance! No more painting block or concrete, no more mold, no more anything. Just shiny, new, and 100% dry!


So, yes, interior waterproofing is a bit of a misnomer. But the concept is simple. Control the water, and you will never have a problem again. Now, all you need is a robust sump pump. And trust us when we say, not all pumps are created equal.