You had plans. This house was only going to be a 5 year home. You were going to move into the country. But then 5 years became 5 kids, and the dreams changed. You need space, but you can’t go anywhere else. Time to remodel the basement! (Or maybe all of that has nothing to do with the fact that you just really want a cool man-cave, but let’s just pretend for the sake of your wife that we NEED the space, alright?) Remodeling a basement can add many things to your home, like space, living area, comfort, and increased property value. You can entertain guests, grow your family, or simply increase your storage capacity. But the truth is this, as expensive as remodeling is to do ONCE, it is even more expensive to do it TWICE!


Confused? Don’t be. We are extolling the benefits of waterproofing here. Many people make the decision to remodel a basement based on the fact that it has never leaked, so they might as well use the space. But Murphy’s Law says that the year you finally decide to finish the basement will be the record year of the storm that they talk about ten years from now.





One single leak can ruin your whole basement. Unchecked, mold and rot can grow. Or if the flood is substantial, it can ruin everything, finished and stored items alike. And that is exactly when you discover that your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover groundwater leaks or floods. You will be footing the bill yourself.


After determining that you need to waterproof prior to finishing the basement, you should really discuss your remodeling plans with your waterproofing expert prior to designing the layout of the home. Waterproof wall liners can often be highly decorative, durable, and just what you need to finish the basement. This can save thousands of dollars. Or, if you want to go all-out and have a beautifully finished stud-wall, sheet-rocked and painted basement, then the wall liners can be done less expensively since they will just be covered over.