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Basement Waterproofing ServicesSince 2005, Superior Waterproofing is the area’s leading basement waterproofing company. With hands on training and years of expertise, our team will know exactly what to do, efficiently and effectively helping you waterproof your home.

Does your home have water seepage in the basement or crawl space? Are there cracks in your foundation? Do you suspect the growth of mold, due to odors and constant humidity? Moisture in your home is not something to ignore, though they may begin as pesky nuisances, a lack of proper waterproofing in your home can lead to costly repairs and structural damage. Our team of experts will be able to assist you whether you are in need of basement waterproofing solutions, bowed wall repair, or foundational work.

The Superior Waterproofing team has experience in, but is not limited to, interior and exterior applications, foundation structural repair, sump pumps and back-up systems, gutters and leaf protection systems, and radon mitigation. Waterproofing your home will not only protect the investment that is your home, but it will also protect your family from issues that humidity and mold can cause.

Our team is here for you, whether it be a cracked foundation, wet basement, or even the growth of mold. We will start with an in-home inspection to give you an accurate and fair estimate on the services you need in order to repair your home.

There are many ways in which our team can help you protect your home from damage, do not hesitate to call today to see what the next step is for you. Call and speak to one of our team members at 920-451-1914 to schedule an inspection, or you can fill out our online contact form to have one of your experts contact you. Our team values your time and will work with you to find a time that fits into your schedule.

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Why Choose Superior Waterproofing To Fix Your Home?

We’re proud to say that we’re number one in quality, from our labor practices, to the materials we use…we just can’t be beat. But we’re competitively priced as well.

We can provide you with professional home repair services that you can count on. No bandaids or temporary repairs. No waiting for weeks at a time to get the job finished. Our experts show up on time for your scheduled appointment and will be respectful of your property during any basement waterproofing, foundation repair, or crawl space repair project.

Save yourself the headache of trying to figure out how to repair your home by yourself. Our experts have the experience needed to complete any job on time. We promise that you will be pleased with our services and with our professionalism. We know there are other waterproofing companies and contractors in the area that you could choose from, but we feel that our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and our exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from every other company in the industry.

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From outside walls to interior spaces, we have the equipment necessary to spot even the most obscure sources of potential water damage. We combine proven waterproofing methods with current industry technology to effectively waterproof your home. While the basement is the most vulnerable area to flooding damage in most homes, we also check other susceptible locations. Our customers can expect:

  1. Hassle-Free Scheduling
  2. Accurate Estimates
  3. Reasonable Rates

We Serve Both Home and Business Owners Across The Southeastern Wisconsin Area

Our team at Superior waterproofing is proud to provide professional basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair, and radon mitigation services to home and business owners across the southeastern Wisconsin area. We specialize in providing quick, friendly, and cost effective services for all types of jobs. Whether you are experiencing a flooding basement, sinking foundation, or sagging floors in your home we can help. Take a look at our full service area page to see whether we can help you make your home safe.