About Our Team

Originally founded in 2005, Superior Seamless Rain Gutter Company was the business venture of friends and partners, Michael Stelter, and David Poppy. They quickly made a name for themselves with the locals for being honest, friendly, and of expert caliber. While Michael ran things behind the scenes, David ran the everyday affairs of the company, from meeting with new customers and contractors, to checking the finest details on the installations.

Michael Stelter

In 2007, Michael Stelter assumed all roles of management within the company, when David moved to Iowa.

Mike Dewey

In the spring of 2008, Michael welcomed his son-in-law, Michael Dewey to the company. Originally from Oregon, Michael brought with him several years of experience in the construction industry, as well as sales and management skills. But his primary focus at prior companies had special focus on foundation construction, repair, and specifically, waterproofing. As the company grew to become a family business, big changes were in store.