Dehumidifier Installation

Santa Fe DehumidifiersDehumidifier systems play a very important role, regulating your homes HVAC ecosystem. Working together with a basement waterproofing system, they are designed to control humidity levels throughout your home, preventing mold growth. If you home is in need of humidity control, our team at Superior Waterproofing can install high-quality dehumidifier systems to combat fluctuating humidity levels. The most common cause of bean rot, mold growth, and allergens is excess moisture in your basement or crawl space.

When it comes to controlling moisture in your home, there is no better choice than having dehumidifier systems installed. We offer several different models of high-quality dehumidifiers to accommodate any size room or area. These dehumidifier systems can be installed quickly in any basement or crawl space. Our experts also recommend dehumidifiers for mold remediation, as one of the main causes of mold growth is excess moisture.

How Dehumidifier Systems Help You

Having dehumidifier systems installed is the only effective way to remove moisture from the air and make your home feel drier and more comfortable. Comfortability isn’t the only reason to install a dehumidifier, high humidity levels can have damaging effects on your home and the health of those living in it. There are some signs that you may need a dehumidifier installed in your home listed below.Santa Fe Dehumidifier Systems

  • Allergy attacks while inside become common
  • Water marks appear on your walls and ceilings
  • The air in your home is constantly thick, stuffy, and difficult to breath
  • Mold and mildew are seen growing in your basement, crawl space, and living spaces
  • There is condensation built up on your windows
  • Your skin feels moist and clammy while inside

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, installing a dehumidifier in your home may be the solution. Protect your home from mold growth and other damages caused by excess moisture by having one of our experts install a high-quality dehumidifier today!

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Santa Fe offers a wide variety of dehumidifiers for any size room and any type of moisture problem. They provide some of the most eco-friendly dehumidifiers on the market. Take a look below at some of the models and to see why we only install dehumidifiers made by Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

Designed to stop the problem at its source, our interior basement waterproofing systems, capture any moisture before it can enter your home. This system is designed to direct the water away from your home. These systems often include the installation of drain tile, the sealing of wall or floor cracks, and the installation of a sump pump system to completely protect your basement from leaks.

Benefits of Installing a Dehumidifier

  • All units are Energy Star® Certified
  • Large Capacity
  • Designed for crawl spaces and basements
  • All Santa Fe Dehumidifiers are covered with one of the best warranties in the industry
  • Commercial Quality
  • Stop and prevent mold growth
  • Keep your home and family comfortable

Contact Our Experts For Dehumidifier Installation

If your home is in need of a dehumidifier either for home comfort or for mold remediation, look no further. Our experts can help you by installing a Santa Fe dehumidifier in your crawl space or basement quickly and can have your home free of excess moisture in no time. Schedule an appointment by contacting us online or by calling us at 920-451-1914 to speak to one of our experts.