Professional Foundation Repair Services

Foundation Wall Stabilizers Though it is said that the family is the heart of every home, the foundation is the heart of every house. The foundation exists to support the weight of your home, keeping it sturdy and standing over time. Some common issues you will find with your foundation are:

It is important that these issues, though common, are addressed immediately by a professional. If these problems are left untreated, it can cause a great amount of damage to the structures that make up your home. These damages can range anywhere from a nuisance to a major and costly repair. Our team of experts have been providing professional foundation repair services with trusted and proven repair techniques, using wall anchors, carbon fiber, and more, since 2005.

If left untreated, any structural problem with your home is bound to get worse, this will lead to major repairs and sometimes even total foundational replacements, broken utility lines, dry wall replacement, and more.

What Causes Foundation Issues?

When it comes to foundation problems, there are some things that we know to look for that are obvious signs that something is wrong. Follow along with our list of potential problems that you could have right now and learn more about what causes foundation issues.

Stairstep Cracking

A common symptom of foundation settlement can be that cracks have formed in your brickwork or caulking. If you have noticed these cracks, which appear as a stair-stepped crack, or have fixed them previously, it could mean that your foundation walls have begun to sink or shift. If this problem is occurring in your home, look for other symptoms and consult one of our professionals about the best foundation repair method for you.

Foundation Wall Cracks

If you have noticed wall cracks in your foundation in the basement of your home, then you may have an issue that needs to be repaired. Wall cracks can form due to excess hydrostatic pressure (pressure exerted on the walls of your basement from the water saturated soil outside your home). This is a sign that your basement walls have succumbed to the forces being exerted on them and is an issue that should be repaired immediately. We make use of a system of steel beams and carbon fiber reinforcement systems to stop crack growth and prevent them from causing more damage to your home.

Foundation Floor Cracks

Foundation floor cracks are generally caused by the settlement of the base of your foundation. The stress put on the concrete slab in your basement causes it to crack and sink into the depression that it has caused. These issues are usually caused by the improper compaction of the soil underneath your home during construction, it is a problem that can happen at any point and is impossible to predict. These cracks often allow water to seep into your basement causing both a foundation issue and a basement waterproofing issue.

Bowed or Leaning Basement Walls

Similar to foundation wall cracks, bowed or leaning basement walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure (pressure exerted on the walls of your basement from the water saturated soil outside of your home). This problem greatly affects the structural integrity of your home and should be repaired immediately. Our team uses high quality wall anchors and wall straightening systems that are specially designed to pull the wall back to its correct position and strengthen the support.

Contact Our Experts For Foundation Repair Services

If you have noticed any of the problems above then you should contact our experts online or by calling 920-451-1914 immediately to schedule an inspection and foundation repair services.