Bowed Basement Wall Repair

When your walls appear to lean in, this is called having bowed walls. If you have noticed foundation wall movement or have noticed any bowed basement walls, then you should have an expert from Superior Waterproofing inspect your basement immediately. Bowed or buckling walls are an issue that, if left untreated, can cause complete foundation failure which will require a costly foundation replacement. Generally caused by a buildup of hydrostatic pressure in the soil around your home, bowed walls are a very serious issue.

During normal seasonal weather, the soil around your home will expand and contract, this in turn puts your basement walls under a great deal of stress. Our team is ready to help you fix all your foundational issues, do not wait to call when you notice that your walls are bowing in.

Cracking, bowing, and buckling foundations are indicators of a serious problem that should be repaired as soon as possible before they cause more issues. These issues can also be the root cause of any basement waterproofing issues you may be having. When dealing with a damaged foundation, it is common for homeowners to experience many issues all at once.

How We Repair Bowed Basement Walls

Our team of foundation repair professionals uses a variety of quality foundation repair products to fix bowed or leaning basement walls. We have the experience you need to inspect and determine the cause and extent of any damage to your foundation walls. Look below to see how we repair bowed basement walls.

Bowed Wall Repair Solutions
Bowed Wall Anchor

Wall Anchors

Our team uses a patented and high quality wall anchor system which is designed to repair bowed basement walls. The system consists of an anchor and a wall plate designed to pull your basement walls back to where they are supposed to be and provide the needed strength to keep the walls in place. When the wall anchor is installed, the lateral strength of your wall is restored and will resist the forces exerted by expanding soils.

Steel Beams

For some projects, wall anchors are not required. In these cases, we use steel beams specifically designed to prevent further leaning or bowing of your foundation walls. These beams are installed against the wall and secured to your basement’s footer and floor beams. Once installed, our technicians can adjust the anchors, providing additional protection.

Contact Our Experts For Bowed Wall Repair Services Today

If you have noticed any bowed or leaning basement walls, then you should contact our experts to set up an inspection and repair appointment. You can schedule an appointment by calling us at 920-451-1914 or by filling out our online contact form.