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Foundation Settlement Repair

Foundation Damage with Cracked Bricks

Foundation settlement happens over time, have you noticed cracks in your foundation? What about sticky windows or uneven floors? These common issues are red flags that the foundation, supporting your home, is settling or sinking. We provide expert foundation repair solutions for homes experiencing settlement issues with the installation of steel foundation piers. The steel piers extend beneath the foundation to the soil that will ensure permanent stabilization for your home or business. We are your locally trusted company for expert foundation repair. Call us for a free foundation inspection and foundation settlement repair quote today!

Foundation Settlement Repair Methods

Using proven high-quality Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling techniques and equipment, we recommend installing foundation piers to stabilize, repair, and restore a foundation that's been damaged by issues related to foundation settlement and poor supporting soils.

Having several different types of foundation piers available to us, each one is designed to fix specific issues that may arise. Our technicians install three different kinds of foundation piers: push piers, helical piers, and slab piers.

Push Piers

Push Piers Installation

Foundation push piers are straight, steel piers that attach to your foundation and extend far below the structure to strong supporting soils. During the installation, a section of the foundation footing is exposed and cut to attach to each pier's bracket. This is possible year-round from either inside or outside of your foundation or structure.

When all push piers have been installed, they will work together to transfer the weight of the structure to the strong soils or bedrock below. If possible, the home is also lifted back to its original, level position.

Helical Piers

Helical Piers Installation

Foundation helical piers are straight, steel piers that have helical blades welded to each shaft. This installation is possible from either inside or outside of your foundation. These piers are driven into the soils underneath your foundation, then each pier is connected to the structure's foundation via a steel bracket.

When all helical piers have been installed, they will work in unison to transfer the weight of the structure to competent soil. If possible, the structure is also lifted back to a level position.

Slab Piers

Slab Piers Installed

Foundation slab piers are straight steel piers that extend from stable soils deep below the structure to support brackets directly in contact with the underside of the slab. These piers are meant to support a settling concrete floor and are not appropriate for foundation wall stabilization.

When the slab piers have reached competent soils, the weight of the slab is transferred through the piers to load-bearing soils below. If possible, the slab is lifted back to level position.

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