Wall Crack Repair

Wall Crack Repair Finding cracks in your basement walls can be a sign that you have a serious foundational issue. Foundation settlement issues are a serious issue that need to be inspected and repaired by professionals as soon as possible. The professionals at Superior Waterproofing have the experience and training to identify and repair not only wall cracks, but also get to the root of what is causing them. Foundational issues can be caused by any number of things from hydrostatic pressure to foundation settlement, and even bowing basement walls. Cracks in your foundation can cause not only structural issues, they can also cause waterproofing issues by allowing moisture to come into your home.

Cracking can be a sign that our home is settling into place, the installation of carbon fiber strips can not only restore the foundation, it can also stop the cracks from getting worse. Our team also seals basement cracks with a strong carbon fiber reinforcement that will both strengthen the walls and keep water from entering your basement through the crack.

Our Wall Crack Repair Process

Our team of experts begin every wall crack repair with an inspection, this is so they are able to assess the extent and root of the issue and damage. Since 2005 Superior Waterproofing has been providing homeowners with fast and effective crack repair services, keeping their home in tip top shape. There are many ways in which a crack can appear, from hairline cracks to gaps in the wall. Damps spots are a good indicator that there are hairline cracks causing damage to your home. Our experts have years of experience diagnosing and identifying wall cracks and can help you keep peace of mind when you need repairs.

Wall Crack Repair Methods

Wall Crack RepairBecause there are multiple causes of foundation wall cracks, there are also multiple ways to repair them. Look below at some of the methods our team uses to repair foundation wall cracks.

Carbon Fiber Wall Crack Repair

Our team uses a patented carbon fiber wall crack repair process to seal and strengthen the areas where your wall has cracked. The process involves placing a carbon fiber strip directly over the crack and applying a patented epoxy sealant to the area. Once dry, the carbon fiber both acts as a support for any forces trying to make the crack larger and stops water from entering your basement.

Contact Our Experts For Foundation Repair Services

If you have noticed any of the problems above then you should contact our experts online or by calling 920-451-1914 immediately to schedule an inspection and foundation repair services.