Sagging Floor Repair

Sagging Floor RepairIf your home has a crawl space with uneven floors, it is time to call a professional for sagging floor repair. Though it is a common issue seen with crawl spaces, sagging floors are caused by the support beams being exposed to moisture in the crawl space. Most companies will suggest that you replace the floor beams to repair the sagging floors, though this will fix it, it is very time-consuming and expensive. Our team at Superior Waterproofing provides crawl space repair services and can fix your sagging floors permanently for a reasonable cost, without having to replace the floor beams. We use a patented floor jacking system to raise and support your support beams where they are sinking.

What Causes Sagging Floors

Sagging floors are caused by excess moisture and high levels of humidity in your crawl space. It is likely that your floors may be sagging even if you cannot see that they are uneven. Excess moisture in your crawl space saturates the wooden beams supporting your home, causing them to become weak and to begin sagging.

How To Identify Sagging Floors

Sagging floors in your home may be hard to spot at times. Our experts typically recommend a simple test to see if your floors have become uneven. By placing a marble or pencil on the floor, you can test to see if you have sagging floors by checking to see if the object roles away in any direction.

How We Fix Sagging Floors

Sagging Floor RepairOur team at Superior Waterproofing uses a patented system of crawl space support jacks which are designed to withstand the weight of an entire home. These support jacks are installed in your crawl space in areas where the support beams are sagging. Once installed, the support jacks are raised to level your home, permanently supporting any sagging beams.

It is important to note that having crawl space supports installed will not completely solve the issue. Often, we will recommend a crawl space encapsulation system along with crawl space supports to stop any other beams from becoming damaged by moisture.

Contact Our Experts For Sagging Floor Repair

If you have noticed any of the problems above then you should contact our experts online or by calling 920-451-1914 immediately to schedule an inspection and sagging floor repair services.